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Chika Ike: Tumultuous journey of a screen diva

Chika Ike is the right kind of Nollywood actress who has come of age to take the bull by the horn. She might not be one of the best role interpreters around, but she has definitely find her own pace in the Nigerian movie industry.

Since her resolve to remain single after her first marriage of seven years crashed in 2013, the actress has carried herself straight and with confidence.

She has also tried to be the best she could in her chosen profession. From all indications, the fair-complexioned actress is not far from being the genius she’s craving for. It’s safe to say she’s going where no other Nollywood actress has gone before now.

She’s known as a ‘hottie’ not only in the movie industry but in fashion industry too. Though the price of stardom is very steep, Chika Ike has paid it overtime. Yet she’s still standing and measuring up with her male counterparts in all ramifications.

Her believe in following her dreams and having ‘a can-do-it spirit’ remains the secret of her success in her acting career. In less than two decades of her sojourn in the movie industry, Chika has distinguished herself as an actress, producer, author and entrepreneur.

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She has also evolved into a fashion icon and like she always calls herself, a boss chick. In fact, the best part about Chika Ike is she’s an ambitious woman who’d like to extend her career and experience multi-dimensional life as she looks forward to becoming her own boss.

Her gaining admission into the Executive MBA Programme in Harvard University in 2017, after five years of trying speaks volumes of her restlessness and insatiable desire to acquire new knowledge.

Breaking the good news on her Instagram page then, Chike wrote, “I finally got accepted into Harvard business school for my masters. After trying for 5 years and getting rejected..Yes ! The prestigious Ivy League University… Yippee ??????….I’m super excited….The good part is it’s an executive study so I can work ( as an actress, TV host and CEO ) ?? and school… “I started business at age 17 and I’ve been doing this solely on self knowledge and instincts.

I think it’s time to hone my business skills from the mother of all business schools so I can have a sustainable company . …. God is awesome, he has done so much for me , looking at all my achievements so far.

Before the road to Harvard, Chika enrolled in the University of Lagos,UNILAG, in 2004 for a two-year diploma programme in Human Kinetics and Health Education. She completed the programme in 2006, earning a certificate.

She later went for her degree in Human Kinetics and Health Education at the same school. In 2014, she graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California, where she studied Film Making.

She founded her production company, Chika Ike Production, in 2014, and produced her first movie “Miss Teacher” and her reality TV game show “African Diva” Reality TV Show of which she was the executive producer, host and a member of the judging panel.

The first season aired on DStv and the second season aired on AIT. In 2015, she collaborated with Rok Studios and J-World entertainment to produce movies like ‘Happy Ending” and “Stuck on You” directed by Director J. Chika hit the limelight in 2005, after starring in the movie, “Bless the Child”, and has since played major roles in other movies such as Paradise, Mirror of Beauty, To Love a Stranger, Girls Got Reloaded, Happy Ending, Yes We Will, Anointed Queen and The Prince and the Princess.

In one of her interviews, the actress cited inexperience, matrimonial infidelity and domestic violence among others as part of the reasons her marriage crashed irretrievably in 2013.

It was, however, rumoured then that Chika might not be willing to give marriage a second chance despite finding love again immediately after she broke up with ex-husband. T

he actress moved on with her life, resolving to focus on her career and business. A decision that saw her breaking new grounds and living her dream.

“I have failed, made mistakes, trusted, and had my lows and highs. But today, I stand firm, stronger than ever and living my best life,” she reminisced. For the dazzling and glaring actress, success is achieved by those who prepare for it.

It’s not surprising, however, that she’s reaping what she sowed in the time of dryness. She worked for everything she’s enjoying today. Months back, she launched her cosmetic line known as Chika Cosmetics in Lagos.

Recounting her tumultuous journey to success, the Harvard Business School trained entrepreneur said: “It has been a journey of personal development and to do what my heart craves for.

In the entertainment industry, you can’t afford to look tacky; my brand has evolved from being a Nollywood actress, owning a fashion brand to being an author and now a cosmetic brand.

I hope to keep evolving and be a good role model to the younger ones. I hope people put up a good mindset to what they are doing, learn from my story and pursue their dreams tenaciously.”

Aside her beauty business, Chika is also a profound writer. Her maiden book, Boss Up, which was endorsed by the Harvard Business School details how she overcame her personal life obstacles, experiences and lessons learnt.

According to Chika, “It took me over seven years of writing to finally publish Boss up! Seven years of documenting my thoughts, emotions, truth and events that taught me some life lessons and brought me to this point,” Recently, the actress returned to the trenches, producing her new movie, Small Chops, which she said is very dear to her heart. “It took me a year to do the post production.

The film is about a character called Nikita; I was a dancer in that film. Some men believe that girls are small chops, but not all girls are small chops; we have dignity and pride.

Some people stereotype people, so, this movie kicks against stereotyping.” Just last week, Chika released the trailer for the new movie on YouTube, ahead of its January 2020 cinema release

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. The two-minute-long trailer had scenes showing popular Nollywood stars, Nkem Owoh, Eucharia Anunobi, Nse Ikpe Etim, Toyin Abraham, Rachael Okonkwo, Lolo 1 and Hafeez Oyetoro.

While she’s beating her own drum, Chika can be described as a phenomenal actress having all of the attributes of a young hot lady. She knows when to be in the spotlight. On a number of occasions, she has set tongues wagging on social media to her advantage.

Not too long ago, the curvy actress set Instagram agog, after she put her sexy body on display, wearing a bikini and a robe on top of it. Sharing the pictures, she wrote: “Never dim your light for anyone.

If it’s blinding they should wear shades! shinebright.” The pictures were alluring enough to increase her fan base. At other time, she got her fans debating whether she went under the knife or not on social media.

While some were admiring the actress and her seemingly hot body, others were concerned with the authenticity of her body, especially her ‘booty.” In any case, Chika remains an adorable actress who never failed to impress her fans and critics with her flawless beauty.

But beyond her beauty and brain, the actress is bedevilled with such weaknesses that can better be imagined than described.

Chika has had a flourishing career, and it can only get better if she continues to humble herself and remain focused. [Vanguard]

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