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Telemundo introduces two new shows January

DStv and GOtv subscribers will begin the new year with two new thrilling shows on Telemundo this January. The shows, ‘Almost Yours’ and ‘Close Enemies’ are joining the Telemundo family on DStv Yanga and GOTV Jolli and will be filled with even more drama, suspense, and comedy than ever before.

Almost Yours’ tells the story of two individuals who seemed to have it all in their separate lives; Julietta about to marry the love of her life and Antonio enjoying a life of wealth and riches, but everything is not as rosy as it seems.

As they seek to escape from their lives, Antonio and Julietta run into each other and their story of fate and love begins. ‘Close Enemies’ is the thrilling journey of seeming strangers on opposite sides of the law, who wage war against each other.

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One is a sophisticated criminal, the other a determined cop swore to catch her. But are they really strangers? There’s enough drama and suspense to keep viewers at the edge of their seat and probably burning dinner.

Almost Yours’ shows every night at 9 pm WAT, on DStv Yanga, while ‘Close Enemies’ shows every night at 7 pm WAT on DStv Yanga and GOTV Jolli. (Vanguard)

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