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Tesla cars will soon be able to talk

Tesla cars could soon have big mouths — just like their outspoken owners — thanks to an upcoming upgrade that will let the vehicles speak to pedestrians, according to Elon Musk.

“Teslas will soon talk to people if you want. This is real,” the eccentric Tesla CEO said on Twitter Saturday, where he shared a video of a Tesla car testing out the function.

The clip shows a red sedan rolling slowly past the camera as a voice coming from the car says, “Well, don’t just stand there staring, hop in!”

Musk suggested that the feature could be added to Tesla’s “Sentry Mode,” which activates an alarm and blares music whenever a car senses an attempted break-in.

“This will make for some epic robber confusion,” Musk tweeted. He also said the electric car owners would be able to have their cars fart in the “general direction” of passersby, an apparent reference to a famous Monty Python joke.

Musk did not give a detailed timeline for making Tesla cars conversational.

But the feature seems to make use of external speakers that Tesla reportedly began adding to Model 3 sedans last year in response to regulations requiring quiet electric cars to make noise at low speeds

Musk said in October that Tesla cars would be able to make “customized horn & movement sounds”  such as goat bleats and fart noises but they still aren’t available, according to The Verge. (Vanguard)

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