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Coronavirus: WHO tracing 65 Italian’s co-passengers

NIGERIA, The Lagos State Commissioner for Health Prof. Akin Abayomi, has  confirmed  the World Health  Organisation is tracing   the passengers who boarded the Turkish Airlines  flight  with the Italian man   who brought coronavirus to the country.

The   European,  who arriving  in Lagos from Milan on February 24, is currently   undergoing treatment at the Infectious Disease Centre, Yaba.

“The 65 passengers who have travelled out of Lagos are being tracked by WHO and state epidemiologists because they are no longer under our jurisdiction,” Abayomi  said at a press conference in Lagos  on Wednesday.

 “Out of the 84 based in Lagos, 49 are reachable, 35 are unreachable. We are trying our best through other means to contact them.

“The 35 passengers are unreachable because of the abnormal data they might have provided for us in their forms; wrong information via telephone numbers, residential addresses and their next of kin.”

He added that 35 people who might have had contact with the Italian in Ogun State were still under the 14-day quarantine period.

He said, “I spoke with the Commissioner of Health there yesterday (Tuesday)  and so far nobody has developed the symptom.  Six people from the hotel he lodged in Lagos are also being monitored.

The drivers that were involved are also being monitored. We don’t have any case at the moment.

Nobody is in isolation except the index case. Four people have been tested so far, three were negative, one  positive.”

‘Why we  can’t  disclose the patient’s name’

The Commissioner said it was against the medical ethics to disclose the name of the coronavirus patient (Italian man).

He said, “We cannot give out information about the identity of the patient; it is against our practice as medical professionals, unless you get it from somewhere else, you won’t get it from me.

What value is it to you? Would you like me to give your own private information out to the public? It is against our ethical rules of engagement, we can’t do that, there is patient-doctor confidentiality.”

The commissioner added that out of the 149 passengers that boarded  the plane  with the Italian, 84 of them were based in Lagos, while 65 have travelled out of Lagos. (Vanguard)

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