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WWE joins TikTok and brings popular entrance music to the app

WWE has one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world and has become a social media force, and today (as reported by Variety) the company officially joined TikTok.
There’s a WWE TikTok channel, sure, but more important to wrestling fans and meme creators is that WWE’s arrival brings with it a slew of licensed entrance music for some of the company’s most recognizable performers past and present.

You can now add “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s theme music to your TikTok uploads. Same for The Undertaker, John Cena, or Becky Lynch. And yes, The Rock’s music is available as well.

Music for over 30 superstars can now be included in TikTok videos globally. The songs are not yet available for use in Instagram stories, so this is a decent get for TikTok.

 “By offering WWE’s iconic entrances for TikTok users to play off of and make their own unique videos, the partnership provides fans a new way to engage with their favorite superstars,” the company wrote in a press release.

You can search for particular theme songs via TikTok’s music selector. As for what else it has planned for TikTok, WWE said: “From WWE’s thrilling in-ring matches to unforgettable backstage action, the TikTok community will receive unprecedented access to their favorite WWE moments as the company begins a new chapter on the platform”.

Similar to its output on other platforms, WWE plans to post content to TikTok daily. Recently, the company launched a new, in-studio live series called The Bump that streams across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and its own WWE Network subscription service.

TikTok continues to face scrutiny from US lawmakers over whether the wildly popular app poses a security risk with all the data it’s collecting. Earlier this month, TikTok parent company ByteDance reached a settlement with a group of parents who sued the company for failing to adequately protect the data of younger users. Vanguard.

 Source: The Verge


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