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How my foundation ‘ll tackle malaria in Africa – Nwoko

ABUJA- BILLIONAIRE businessman and politician,Ned Nwoko and his celebrity wife, Regina Daniels,have launched a project aimed at tackling malaria in Africa.

This came just as the couple said plans were on top gear to initiate a bill at the National Assembly with a view to setting aside a day to be recognised as “National Fumigation Day” in Nigeria.

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Unveiling the project at a press conference in Abuja,Prince Ned Nwoko explained that the initiative to establish the foundation was borne out of his “inclination to empathize, assist and care.”

“I must confess that it is my inclination to empathize, assist and care that made me and my wife, Regina Daniels Nwoko to embark on what we are unveiling today which is mosquito elimination and malaria eradication programme,” he said.

He explained that the “cardinal goal of this project is to accelerate towards the attainment of malaria free Nigeria and adopt the same model in other African countries.”

According to him,the foundation would launch collaborative platform for malaria eradication in Africa,establish an academic research rrant for malaria vaccine as well as encourage communities and individuals to take ownership of the programme and its activities in their spheres.

Nwoko,who said,”The short-term delivery plan shall be National mobilization for the fumigation of Nigeria and other African countries.”,revealed that he “plans to sponsor a Bill at the National Assembly, Abuja for there to be a National Fumigation Day in Nigeria.”

Explaining that the Malaria Eradication Programme In Africa was a project of Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation,he added that the programme was aimed at making Nigeria and Africa malaria free

Hear him:”Today, my foundation formally begins an audacious journey towards a malaria-free Nigeria and Africa.

In this project, we will work with national and multilateral organizations.

“We will equally collaborate with governments, private organizations and civil society towards achieving our core objective of extending malaria intervention programmes beyond the threshold of control and palliatives.

We have our eyes fixed on permanent solution to the age-long scourge.

“Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation is committed to rendering support and services to the needy, the society and humanity at large.”

According to him,”In the course of our various interventions, we discovered that malaria scourge constitutes one of the greatest impediments to the general wellbeing and development of Africans and their societies.

“He explained that,”Most health challenges suffered by Africans including death, organ damage and other physical and mental impairments are directly or indirectly traceable to malaria.” 

“Also, the parasitic disease causes huge economic loss by draining considerable funds that could have been used for support growth and general societal development.

“Malaria does not only cause loss of life but also interferes with athleticism, socio-economical activities and general way of life of the people over sustained period.

“My foundation is of the firm conviction that Africa must permanently overcome the recurring yearly tragedy of hundreds of thousands of avoidable health complications and deaths as a result of malaria attacks,” he further explained.

He gave insight into his organisation thus:”The Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation which I am privileged to conceive and chair is a non-governmental organization.

“The foundation is the vehicle for driving this anti-malaria project with the expected support of stakeholders.

The core areas of intervention by the foundation are Health, Environment, Education, Tourism, Sports and Culture.

“By the grace of God, the foundation has been an organ for bridging gaps in delivery of essential services through support for the needy including the sick, the handicapped, the elderly, the poor, widows, students and the vulnerable segments of society generally.

“The foundation is also involved in talents discovery and development across many areas such as sports, music, drama and some other aspects of entertainment”. Vanguard.

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